Young Adults


The Pathfinders’ class is (generally) made up of college students*, young professionals, young married couples, and couples with young children. Besides being a Sunday school class, the Pathfinders’ group is a social and support group for each other.  The Pathfinders meet once a month in a home or at the church building for food, fellowship, and fun times together.
Throughout the year, the group meets for weekly devotionals, hosts holiday get-togethers, and occasionally visits shut-ins and nursing homes.  The Pathfinders’ group, also, organizes and carries out a Christmas party for children in the Carl Perkins organization and participates in various benevolent programs such as giveaways.  


While still being a part of the Pathfinders class, the College Age group also holds seasonal classes at times when enough students are home to meet independently. You might notice, this is "College Age" and not specifically "College Students." At such a time of transition, we gladly welcome those who have decided to further their studies, those who have chosen to begin their careers, and those who are trying to answer the question, "What Next?"