Our History at Savannah

The Church at Savannah


  The Savannah Church of Christ has a rich history of development and growth.  In order to trace the unique history of the church, it is necessary to go back to the turn of the 20th century with the beginning of the Christian Church in Savannah, a church that struggled for many years.

          The R.E. Shackelford family moved to Savannah in 1926 and a group called on them to meet with the Christian church.  Because of convictions, they were going to a rural congregation and told this group they could not worship with them because they supported the Missionary Society and used instrumental music in their worship.  The Christian church then proposed to give-up these innovations that were a source of division, and the Shackleford's, along with some others living in Savannah, began to meet with them at their building on Main Street. 

        The church continued to meet in the same location on Main Street until November of 1955, at which time they moved into their new building at the corner of Church and College Street.  The auditorium seated 370 people.

        In 1962, an education wing was constructed to increase classroom space.  In 1983, a large multipurpose ministry building including six new classrooms was added.  In 1984, the auditorium was completely renovated. 

        In 1993, an addition was added on the South side of the building to increase the auditorium capacity to 550.  At this time a large fellowship/classroom was added to the basement.

        In 1998 attendance had grown to the point that we began to have two services on Sunday morning.  With no more room to expand at the Church and College Street site, a search was begun to find a location to build a new building.  The search team recommended the purchase of the old Wal-Mart site across from Hardin County High School on Pickwick Rd.  This property was purchased in 2000. 

        In February 2002, construction began to renovate the old Wal-Mart building and turn it into suitable worship facility.  This was completed in February 2004.  The building contains 42,000 sq feet of space including a 750 seat auditorium, a large multi-purpose fellowship hall, a commercial kitchen, and 23 classrooms.

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