Missions: Chad

Report from Pierre, November 2015


November 2015

Good evening sir,

All the Churches of Christ in Dono-Manga salute you in Jesus name Amen!

I am sorry for this unwilling late communication due to the network problem and others.

A few days ago, the communication was better, but there is still problem. The rain has destroyed our satellite aerial while experts debated how to solve the problem three or four times each week. Pray for several teams of men that are working tirelessly to solve the problem. As the rain is going to the end now we pray that God will help our technicians to settle everything as it was before.

1-    A surprising thing happened in Dono-Manga district.

    Our girls join the boys lined up in the school yard (see pictures). They are going to their new building classrooms. They are very happy and been confused: first, because their usual classrooms were made by grasses and leaves; second, they are outside of the village and the camp, where there is enough place for play ground (see pictures).


Baptistery Baptistry

2-      A surprising thing happened in Dono-Manga district.

In most sara-gouleï villages, it was believe that only boys should go to school, but something is different today. 288 girls over 686 students are schooling in our French-English school. They are thanking God and our partners that are supporting actively the school (see pictures). Glory be to God.

CRK teaching CRK Teaching

3. A surprising thing happened in Dono-Manga district.

Our school took second place after catholic school with results 54/57 of our students from primary 6 passed to secondary school, while this resulted with a growth of the school to 686 (more 30 new students this year).

God Bless God Bless

4-    A surprising thing happened in Dono-Manga district.

For this school year, we begin a new outreach program: CRK (Christian religion knowledge) to help us to touch the hearts of Dono-Manga children with the word of God. It consists of 2 hours Bible teaching in our Church buildings that serves as our auditorium, and also as a part of our school training (sees pictures)

Long life Long Life

5-    A surprising thing happened in Dono-Manga district.

New and the first building baptistery for the Churches of Christ in the country (see pictures of men at work). We are thankful to God, because of the brethren (Sebastian, Lazarus, and others) many learned about the Master and have the giving their lives for Christ, Amen.

Meeting with Parents Meeting With Parents


A-    We will appreciate, congratulate, and thanking every brother /sister who is willing to help us to build it (Baptistery).

New Baptistery New Baptistry

B-    We pray that after seeing the parts of the second building already used due to lack of good classrooms, God will provide the rest of funds necessary to finish it.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

C-    Our children are requesting for benches to make nice their school building classrooms.

2015 Trip to Chad


Bro Worley recently travelled to Chad to visit with the brethren there.  See the video below for a presentation from the children at the school.

Personal Notes on Chad 15 March 2015

Teachers and staff of school Teachers and Staff of the school in Chad

Before leaving Ndjamena we went to the market to buy a mattress, a hurdy-gurdy to hang the plaque, phone cards, biscuits for the school ceremony, and other items we will need in the remote village.  Pierre had the car serviced then returned to the market in the evening to buy bread, minerals, and bottled water.   Pierre looks healthy and continues to be very busy.  Brother Jonathan is still in Ndjamena working with the church.  He wants to attend classes at Jos after the boarders open. He will need to take a year of English lessons before he can attend SBS.

The village of Dona Manga is located South of Ndjamena, Chad.  Tar roads are located 70Km South, 89Km East, or 160 Km West , of Dona Manga.  There is no electricity or running water in the village.  We have to travel to and from the village on the 160Km road.


classroom Classroom

I met with Brothers Lazarus and Sebastian while at Dona Manga and we assigned them to cities near Dona Manga to work with area congregations while continuing to teach at the school. I followed Pierre’s recommendation and assigned Lazarus to Beyede, about 20 Km from Dona Manga, and Sebastian to Kang-yara about 12 Km..  They are to submit a report of their work to Pierre who will forward them to the U.S.

The first school building is in the final stages of construction.  Labors are hard to find in the village because they can make more money working in the capitol city. We stopped along the way to Dona Manga to look at some latrines the government constructed on a school compound.  Pierre said the government would pay for the construction if we decide to apply and they approved. The program includes a borehole too. Total cost to us is $600.

Pierre wants me to give the 13 teachers plus 2 gardeners/security guards, 5,000cfa in individual envelopes as a present to encourage them. The government has supplied a head teacher of the school and I plan to give her 10,000fcfa as a gift. She is living in Pierre’s compound while her husband lives and works in Sara with their daughter. She plans to work here with the school for four years.  A total of 85,000cfa or about $65.


Captain Dee's

We talked for over an hour about us sending a tractor to the school here and the benefits it would bring. Pierre knows many people in the government and they would approve our shipment if a letter of donation and we obtain a letter from Pierre requesting exception from the Customs Taxes and Fees Office.  Many students graduate from Primary 6 and then go back to the farm.  Some are 12-18 years old. We wanted to send Sebastian to a teacher training school in Ndjamena last year but the government stopped training teachers because they have too many teachers in Chad at the present time.

We have students from 17 different villages attending classes. We use a government approved curriculum plus Bible and English Language courses.  We are the second biggest school in the district with 656 students.  Pierre plans to submit an application to the government for them to build government approved toilets for the students and teaching staff on campus.  Part of the installation requires them to provide a borehole with a pump and plumbing.  The total cost to the school is six hundred dollars. 

We left Ndjamena at 8am and arrived in Dona Manga at 8pm.  The last hundred and sixty  kilometers of road is dirt! The Hamatan is very bad.  It was dark at the time we arrived because the nearest access to electricity is about 90 miles away. Pierre has a small electrical generator that he uses for about two hours each night.

I was awake and taking a shower outside by 6:15 am.   The chickens, goats, and cows are our alarm clock.  Plus men and women of the village come to extend their greetings and respects.  The first thing we did was to pay courtesy visits to the village chiefs and District Head.  One of Pierre’s cows died this morning.  He has about 12 cows.


New Classroom New Classroom

Progress report on the first classroom building.  Pierre now has to install the doors and windows followed by plastering both inside and out.  Then they will tamp the dirt floor and put down a layer of small gravel.   It has to come from 35 miles away!  On top of the gravel will lay the cement floor.  The workers asked if it would be ok if they stopped work the days I was here because they wanted to hear me preach God’s word. 

I told Pierre that I would wire him $5,000 to start the work on the second building as soon as possible.  Upon our return to Ndjamena I phoned and asked Dee to wire transfer $5,000 to Pierre’s account for the start of the second building.  We still need four more classroom buildings.


Plaque Plaque

We went to the school and the teacher gathered the 656 students by classes so we could give them five small cookies each.  I was able to make a video, which is a very impressive site to see. I then talked to the teachers and gave each a small gift of cash in an envelope.  These people are so poor that they are thankful for the smallest gifts.

We gathered at the church building at 4 pm and I preached until 6:00pm.  Some of the brethren walked 6 miles to greet and listen to me speak.  The nights are not quite here as there are many animals on Pierre’s compound.  Pigeons on the roofs, chickens, goats, cows, and dogs in the yard all contribute to the noise.  I believe the guineas foul are the loudest.  I do manage to get a few hours sleep most nights. 

On March 14 we met and I gave the following congregations 10 French New Testaments each;  Ter, Bemian, Ndila-Wanger, Kakang-yara, Bekani, Manmadjibe, Kemndili, Beyede, Djaraibe, plus Bibles to 10 teachers of the School.  I asked Pierre to make an application to the government to provide the school with latrines and a bore hole. 

We worshiped early with the church and left Dona Manga at 9:30am hoping we could reach N’djamena soon after dark.  The first four hours on the dirt road was all right if one likes to ride a stagecoach!  Soon after reaching the tar road we had to replace a tire due to tread separation. Later the engine started over heating.  This required us to stop about every 20 minutes, let the engine cool, add water, and then proceed.  Later in the night we found ourselves stopped and unable to restart the engine because of a low battery.  We were in a sparsely populated area, with no hope of restarting the car.  After prayer and 30 minutes, a 20-ton commercial truck stopped and offer to tow us to a town, away we went close up behind the truck.  We reached a town after about two hours and another commercial truck offered to tow us to Ndjamena!  So began another long tow.   We dropped the car at a mechanic just outside Ndjamena and all crowded into the cab of the truck for another 30 minutes to reach the roundabout in the city.  The time was 5am!  After a 30-minute wait we crowded into a local cab with 6 other people for another 20 minute ride to the Doctor’s house.  A trip that took us 12 hours before took us over 20 hour this time!   I was beyond exhausted!