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Contact Information

Steven L. Worley, our evangelist to Africa

Home Phone, U.S.: 731-926-3569 
Cell, U.S.: 731-607-6603
Cell, Nigeria: 011-234-0803-604-6161


Steve Worley began working in Nigeria in 1989.  Steve and his wife Dee have labored there for many years alongside Dr. Aguh and his wife Rachel.  Bro. Worley and Dr. Aguh were instrumental in the establishment of the School of Biblical Studies.  Together with their fellow workers they have been able to see a tremendous growth in the Nigerian church.  Bro. Worley has also been able to begin works in Uganda, Chad, and the Niger Republic.  He continues to travel and work in these African nations every year.  His work is overseen by the Savannah church of Christ in Savannah, TN.



Randy Baker joined the work in 2013.  He spends many days on the road throughout the course of the year visiting workshops and lectureships inside the United States.  He also speaks at different churches in order to raise awareness about the works in Africa.  His work is overseen by the Bethel congregation in Athens, AL.

Randy Baker

Phone: (256)247-9784

Email: ranbaker@bellsouth.net



Adam Cox joined the work in 2012.  He has a full-time job in the US as a Computer Network Engineer.  Adam travels to Nigeria for several weeks every year to learn from and work with Bro. Worley.  His role in the work is growing each passing year.  Adam’s work is overseen by the Walnut Grove Church of Christ in Savannah, TN.

Adam Cox

PO Box 23

Savannah, TN 38372

Phone: (731) 925-2810

Email: coxadamh@gmail.com



The Work in Northern Nigeria

School of Biblical Studies, Jos Nigeria, West Africa

Mass evangelism efforts have also been put into place in the north to preach the gospel to as many people as can be reached.  The most productive mass evangelism effort in the past has been Bible correspondence courses.  Beginning in 2014 we will be working to implement an exciting new mass evangelism effort.  Work has begun on a television program that will allow us to evangelize over 4 million people each week!  Our television program will work in tandem with the comprehensive Bible correspondence courses to take the saving gospel message to millions of people.

Nigeria, West Africa is the most populated nation in all of Africa.  According to the CIA World Factbook the population of Nigeria is approximately 177 million persons.  Muslims make up about 50% of Nigeria’s population and are heavily concentrated in the northern states.  An estimated 80% of the population in the north are Muslims.  Christians in the north have been under heavy persecution for years, but the church is still growing.  In 1984 there were approximately 30 congregations of the Lord’s church in the north.  Today there are over 350!  The Lord has worked through the evangelism efforts centered out of Jos, Plateau state.  In 1989 the School of Biblical Studies was founded in the city of Jos. SBS has continued to grow year after year and has trained hundreds of preachers and teachers that have gone back to their home nations and states to preach the gospel.  

Classroom Building

The School of Biblical Studies, Jos, started August 20th, 1989 with 12 students attending a 2 year Diploma course.  In 1992 the school introduced a 3 year Diploma course.  Then in 2002 the school introduced a 4 year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies.  This degree prepares students to preach the gospel as well as teach Bible in Primary and Secondary schools.  One year later in 2003, SBS introduced a 4 year B.A. Ministry course of study to prepare those who are willing to preach and work full time with local congregations.  The School of Biblical Studies has grown from an enrollment of12 students to over 100 students in 2013.  These students will receive a B.A. degree in Bible that will be fully accredited through the University of Jos.  This degree will qualify them to fulfill a mandatory government service requirement.  The graduates will be allowed to teach in public schools and work in government jobs.  These are wonderful opportunities for evangelism.

The School of Biblical Studies has graduated over 300 men and women.  Out of these graduates: 7 are from Uganda; 2 from Bangladesh; 5 from Liberia; 5 from Cameroon; 3 from Chad; 3 from Zimbabwe; 1 from Ghana; 1 from South Sudan;  1 from Niger with the rest being Nigerians.  There are currently enrolled students from Niger Republic, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

The focus of the School of Biblical  Studies training is on evangelism and the sound doctrine of our Lord Jesus.  Each weekend during the semester, students are assigned by twos to go out into villages or cities.  There they knock doors and set up Bible studies.  When people are baptized in those villages, or towns, a local church is organized.  Through this effort approximately 3,900 people have been baptized.  The students and teachers also conduct two campaigns each year which have also resulted in many baptisms throughout all of Nigeria.  The spring 2013 campaign alone resulted in 88 souls added to the Lord’s church from the north to the south of Nigeria.

The School of Biblical studies is overseen by the Gadsden church of Christ in Gadsden, AL.  Donations are always needed to help with the operating costs of the school.  As the number of students increases so do the expenses at the school.  Donations are made by “Jos Partners” to the Gadsden church.  They in turn supply the operating costs of the school.  An effort is being made to increase donations from inside Nigeria, but there is always a need for donors from the US.  A small monthly gift goes a long way!

The Raymond Bush Evangelism Center in honor of Brother Raymond Bush


Bible correspondence courses have been a vital part of the growth of the church in Northern Nigeria.  Steve Worley has worked to coordinate these evangelism efforts for many years.  The World Bible School courses were instrumental in the conversion of thousands of people throughout Nigeria.  These courses were distributed by one of our native evangelists, mailed from Nigeria to the US, graded by American church members, returned to the student, and followed up on by the native evangelists.  This process worked well until the postal system in Nigeria encountered some major problems and the delay and cost became too much.  In 2012 we instituted our own correspondence course that works in a very similar way. The major change between the two is that the courses are graded onsite at SBS.  These courses never leave the country of Nigeria.  The postage cost and time of turnaround are greatly reduced.  The effectiveness of the course depends on communication and teamwork between all involved.  We are still growing the course and have continued to roll it out slowly.  If the Lord wills, then we will see the same type of effectiveness with this course that could be seen with WBS in years past!


How can you share in the work?

One of the most common questions that we encounter once people become familiar with the work is, “how can I help?”  There are no shortage of opportunities available  to become involved with this work.  Each of the American evangelists require donations in order to travel and do their work.  The school is growing and donations are needed by Jos Partners so that the school can continue to grow and provide adequate facilities for the security and training of the on campus students.  You can also choose to sponsor a student as they go through school.  The students are responsible for their own tuition and food, but you can help if you like.  Each of the follow-up men are also full time workers who receive an approximate salary of $200 per month.  If you, you and your friends, or your congregation would like to support any aspect of this work your help would be appreciated!  In order to fulfill the great commission (Matt 28:18–20) we must all work together!


You are invited to become a Jos partner

Our goal is to have 500 Christians giving $10 monthly to provide a stable operating income for the school.  If you or your Bible class are thinking about becoming a Jos Partner, we urge you to do so!  The small amount of just $10 monthly, when combined with that of others, will make a huge difference.  Please send your name and address along with your check to:



Gadsden Church of Christ

P.O. Box 967

Gadsden, AL 35902