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Jail Ministry

To fulfill our obligation to visit those in prison and bring the Word of God to those who are in desperate need of the life changing influence only Christ can bring. In doing so, we can also strengthen our relationship with God.Opportunities to Serve:
  • Preach/teach God's Word in "Sunday school" type formats to inmates in the jail on Wednesday nights.
  • Conducting/organizing Bible studies with inmate after their release.
  • Respond to and send letters to inmates containing encouragement, invitations to worship and addressing needs of the inmates.
  • Help coordinate interested inmates with our World Bible School ministry and get them involved in the program.
  • Assemble and deliver "Thanksgiving Meals" for inmates (and our shut-ins) on one Saturday each November.



Food Pantry

Due to a change in the economy, the bulk of our benevolence funds have gone towards stocking our food pantry from week to week. Through this, it is our goal to honor God by by allowing ourselves to be used by Him to lessen the physical hardships encountered by our neighbors through:
- providing each household that comes to us with groceries to server as few days of emergency food supplies
- and to share the love of Jesus with others with humility, respect and compassion.
Volunteers are always welcome to help the Office staff in various benevolence oriented tasks, such as stocking shelves, gathering materials, carrying out bags, and generally cleaning up the Pantry itself while waiting for needs to arrive.  The close of each month tends to be the busiest time for this ministry. If you have any further questions, you may call Debbie Mabry or Howard Rogers at the church office (731) 925-4442.