About Us


The Savannah Church of Christ is a non-denominational body of believers, as most "Churches of Christ" are.  A major detail associated with our congregation stems from a movement that urged Christians to "restore" their worship back to one built on Biblical example.  This link is NOT intended to establish "What the Churches of Christ Believe"- but to share with you how we believe the New Testament Church practiced and to better inform you on what you can expect when you visit with us, because often a new place can be intimidating. To read a much better description than just this small briefing, CLICK HERE.


The SAVANNAH CHURCH OF CHRIST has been a presence through the act of benevolence, spirituality, and leadership for recent generations in the area.  Time has created a rich story of involvement and expansion in the Lord's work in Savannah.  To read more about this story CLICK HERE.



Our staff is just a portion of the work that is being done towards the work of the Church at SAVANNAH, but it's a very important part of it.  

We also have an Eldership of 5 who shepherd the Congregation on a regular basis. To meet our ministers and these elders CLICK HERE.




Savannah Church of Christ

1175 Pickwick Street

Savannah, TN 38372