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Our Preschool

In 1991, Love and Learn Preschool opened under the direction of Pat Williams.  The church purchased a house that adjoined the existing building property.  It had a lovely wooded front and back yard.  The back yard was sodded and swing sets, playhouses and other features were also added.  In 1991, there were 38 students.  In February 2004, Love and Learn Preschool moved into new facilities at the new church building on Pickwick Street.

        A wonderful new sodded and well equipped playground was completed in the fall of 2004.  In 2008, Love and Learn began the year with 10 teachers and 60 students.  All of our teachers have either bachelor degrees or CDA credentials in child care.  In 2005, Love and Learn obtained a 3-star license from the state of Tennessee, the highest rating given by the state.


      In 1997, 2 full-time missionary families were added to our staff: Steve & Dee Worley and Larry & Joyce Kirby.  The former minister's home behind the church building was renovated for office space for the Nigerian Mission work and classroom space.  In 1999, the Kirby's returned to local church ministry.  In 2005, Ray Bush, retired minister, joined Steve in the Nigerian work.


For the past 10+ years, Jackie Watson and Pam Fondren have been working with the orphanages in Romania.  A special contribution to the work in honor of Sherry House resulted in a new burn center at the hospital in Romania.


A new mission effort with Ethan & Ashley Hardin and Enoch Rinks began in Asuncion, Paraguay in 2003.  Within a year, they acquired and renovated a facility which had 160+ people for the first service in September 2004.  More recently: Enoch and his wife, Laura, have moved back to the States, where he works with a company that prepares other groups for similar missions work. Ethan and Ashley, and their 2 daughters, also moved back to the States, at the end of their 5 year agreement—although Ethan's brother, Perry Hardin, remains in Paraguay with his wife.

We also send mission teams to locations in the U.S. each summer, as well as overseas, each summer.


Some of the preachers who served at this congregation include: Hershell Patton, Frank Chambers, Rex C. Turman (1943-1953), A.R. Hill, Bill Threet ('54-57), Owen Freeman ('57-62), Jimmy Rogers ('62-65), Hudson Nichols ('65-66), Billy Nicks ('66-68), Glann Lee ('68-72), Hilton Royster ('72-82), Buddy Baker ('83-85), Dan Goodard ('85-87), Jim Chamblee (1987-2006), Chuck Morris (1995-2006), Josh Schwartz (2007-2008), David Baker (1988-2009), Philip Jenkins (2008-2010), and Westley Hazel (2011-2015.)

 Howard Rogers (2008) and Dustin Perkins (2008) currently serve the congregation with involvement from Philip Goad, Heritage Christian University, sharing the pulpit.